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The history of our company started more than a century ago with a talented cabinetmaker, hero of the Great Patriotic War. His skill quickly gained a citywide recognition, bringing him clients among both regular folks and people of rank.

His secret was quite simple: he had a passion for work, putting his heart into every single piece. Even in those difficult times, he tried to make his products not only functional, but also attractive. After a narrow escape in the war, seriously wounded in his arm, he went back to work, embarking on it as greedily as before, thus setting an example for his future offspring. That is how the core principle verArte builds upon was born — continuity of tradition, knowledge and invaluable experience, passed on from father to son and then to grandsons – something that is still at the core of the company’s management system.

At the moment, verArte is a rapidly developing company with a team of true professionals, known in many cities of Russia, neighboring countries and Europe. Furniture industry constantly sets its own rules as trends change, technologies get improved and new materials are used. Anyway, there are some things that never change, such as passion for one’s work and a yearning to create not just furniture for living but rather furniture that can fill your personal living space with harmony, making your life happier.


  • 16 years on the Russian market
  • Premium bespoke furniture from solid wood and composite materials
  • Family business with a 100-year history of furniture manufacturing, a wealth of experience and continuous progress
  • Advanced technologies and cutting-edge Italian woodworking equipment by SCM Group
  • Cooperation with leading architects and designers from Russia and Italy
  • Talented team of craftsmen and experienced design department
  • Full production cycle enabling a project of any complexity
  • Showrooms in fashion design centers in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

verarte is family

We have been gaining expertise and experience for many decades

What makes us different from other furniture manufacturers? VerArte is a family business run by several generations of our family. That being the reason, our business and image responsiblity is augmented by the family one. That is why we can guarantee a perfect quality of our proudcts and an extended warranty for up to five years.


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