verArte production capacities are represented by unique Italian technologies practised at a furniture factory in Russia. For more than 16 years our company has been specializing in the manufacture of premium bespoke furniture made from natural materials. Combining oak, beech, black walnut and other species with modern composite materials (such as laminam slabs, kerlite, quartz, metal and brass), we turn them into incredibly high-quality long-lasting furniture pieces to fit any interior.

We will take care of all steps of interaction with a client, from a visit of our specialist to take measurements to the very installation of the pieces. Once the contract is signed, our design department will promptly prepare design documentation so that furniture could be built right on time. Owing to a European level of technologies verArte furniture will bring inimitable comfort and cosiness to your home.



We will introduce you to our production process, show our product samples and give answers to all of your questions


Once we have an understanding about all the details, we send you a quotation specifying all the costs and sign a contract


Then the production process begins, we take measurements, prepare design documentation and manufacture the furniture


We deliver and install our pieces with an extended five-year warranty


verArte furniture is a fusion of customized design, valuable wood species, high-quality composite materials and fittings, and a talented dedicated team. Altogether, these factors imbue our products with the same resonance of color, lines and textures. Trespassing the borders of our client’s everyday needs, VerArte furniture can be truly considered a work of applied art. For every client, we create not just a piece of furniture but rather an inimitable product that will reflect their inner world, personality and character. Coupled with a comfortable use and a fluent movement of the fittings, all these features make our products genuine masterpieces. Naturally, this would be impossible without cutting-edge high-precision equipment, new technologies and deep knowledge of new design trends. We are committed to keeping an eye on all the current fashions and trends in design and technology. We draw inspiration and gain new knowledge from major annual events such as furniture fairs ISalone in Italy and Interzum in Cologne, SICAM fair for furniture components and accessories in Pordenone and LIGNA fair for machinery and tools in Hannover.

Anyway, our effort to create new masterpieces has been at any time underpinned by a mutual understanding and overcoming all barriers in communication with our clients – a guarantee of mutual pleasure from the result.

Do you want to work with us?

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